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Magnolias That Cared About Me, Featuring THUNDER (Continuation)

Ebony Seek cure for virus

Magnolias That Cared about Me

Page from the book

Magnolia That Cared about Me 

Ebony's and Teo's children is cured

A VIRUS was in the land of Africa. Ebony  and Anna built a hospital with the gold Anna's husband found in a mine. Will Ebony and Anna find a vaccine in time to save many lives? Ebony own twin girls are sick with this virus.

 Read what Ebony used to come up with a vaccine.

This is a fiction story. First written in 2005. It is the late 1890's.

Who is the THUNDER in your life? Yes THUNDER! You will see how a large gorilla name THUNDER was a saving force for Ebony and Anna.

This book have over 20 pictures. Children will just love them.

We invite you to read Magnolias That Cared About Me, featuring THUNDER 

Price $12.99

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